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fun., Panic! at the Disco

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Clarinet, Guitar, Piano, Euphonium

Shawn Nguyen

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"Music is the only language with the contradictory attributes of being at once intelligible and untranslatable," -Claude Levi-Strauss

Half my life has been spent in the bandroom, and I intend to continue to keep performing songs as I pursue my Bachelor degree of Music Education. With a decade of experience on the clarinet, I continue to study as a Junior at George Mason University. I taught lessons at Parkside Middle School and served as President for the 2019 College Music Honors Society at Northern Virginia Community Colleges.

Music is an artform to be enjoyed at three dimensions. Many people witness music as the audience, while the composer pours their heart out into each note of the song. Between them, is both a messengar and creator, the player. The musician holds the key to opening the most powerful emotions of the heart. They heal themselves and everyone around them.

Most of everyone falls into the category of being the audience, a consumer. I want to see more creators. Not too many people are happy with the world right now, and I believe that music has the power to change that. Whatever the instrument may be, anyone can become a musician. Anyone, regardless of race, gender, or background, has the power to create and make this world a wonderful adventure to live in.

Until I can legally teach in classroom, I wish to help people find their voice at Music&Arts, as I'll provide them with all the tools they need to succeed. Hit me with any questions about band instruments!

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