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My name is Thomas Kenney and I am a guitar instructor and performer based in Charleston, SC. I have been playing guitar for 14 years, and have studied and perform many styles of music. I teach blues, jazz, RnB, rock, folk, and Latin music to all age ranges and skill levels. I like to work with each student to individually create a unique practice routine, assessing both strengths and weakness in the student's playing for an optimal lesson experience. Depending on the skill level, pedagogy can cover a variety of topics including...


  • technique and kinesthetic                              
  • rhythm and finger picking
  • chord vocabulary and voicing                        
  • chord melody and voice leading
  • improvisation in desired genre                      
  • harmony, melody, and composition for all skill levels


I received a BA in English Composition from the University of South Carolina, and have studied music privately since the age of 12, studying both in the US as well as other stringed instrument styles in India, Spain, Morocco and Chile. As well as a musician, I am a freelance sound engineer, broadcast radio producer, and videographer outside of the classroom. To me, a good composition can be found anywhere! If you are interested in learning or advancing your guitar experience, I would love to meet with you and discuss your goals. Looking forward to it!

Charleston Music & Arts 843-852-0900 Charleston SC