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Guitar, Bass Guitar, Voice

About Bron

Hello Colorado Springs! My name is Bron and teaching music is a real passion for me. I started teaching in 2003 and have been with Music and Arts since 2009. I teach guitar, bass, voice and beatboxing.

Teaching Philosophy
Watching my instruction help others to learn, grow, and rejoice in making music is the ultimate reward for me.  I think students should be able to learn the material that makes them excited about music and so I teach every and all styles. 
Playing an instrument can be hard on the body, especially when you are first acclimating to new postures. This is especially true for voice and beatbox where YOU are the only instrument.  I believe in understanding the ergonomics of our playing and singing for both ease and accuracy.  I teach my students how to care for the human instrument so they are more likely to enjoy and continue playing. 
Teaching in Action
I teach all levels of guitar and bass and have written multiple books and lessons to guide my students through every level of playing in an organized and technique building way. 
I ask my students to choose songs that they would like to play.  This helps us set goals and directions for our lesson so that you are working toward something rewarding and not just going through the motions.
I teach music theory and ear training to students with an interest.  I teach with tablature and though I have written two instruction books on sight-reading I don’t force any of my students to learn sight-reading.  It just doesn’t make sense for some pure hobbyists and I value my students time.
Voice lessons grew out of a continued interest from my guitar students to sing with their playing.  I am able to identify vocal stresses and give my students vocal exercises to strengthen proper form.  This translates into effortless great sounding pitches that you didn’t even know you could make!
Beatboxing grew out of my need to make music!  I was injured in 2013 and it was too painful for me to play guitar for awhile.  I like singing acapella sometimes, but not all the time.  I started watching beatboxing videos on the internet and was quickly hooked on this new musical world.  It’s fun and often times silly. I incorporate sound effects, impressions, and advanced vocal techniques like throat singing to create some really fun music. 
I hope you will take a moment to check out one of my videos if you are interested in studying any of these instruments with me…or all of them!
See you soon,
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