Senior Sales Associate
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Trombones, Marching Band Brass, Euphoniums, Trumpets, Tubas

Teaching Experience

Middle School, High School, Marching Band, Symphonic Band


Reinhardt University

Current Band(s)/Gig(s)

Crabhammer, Taj Motel Trio

Performance Experience

GMEA, Spirit of Atlanta, Pulse


Senior Sales Associate

About Me

Born in Minnesota at the age of two, Tracy Michaels soon discovered his two loves: playing trombone and the countryside. With nothing but a student model trombone and a backpack, Michaels made his way to North Georgia to reside amongst the docile mountain folk of what would come to be known as Ball Ground. As the years passed, and with a quiet dynamic never being his forte, Michaels would push himself to enough musical accomplishments to make a grown man openly weep including blasting football stadiums, basements and bars across America as a member of both the drum corps, Spirit of Atlanta and as a member of the famous "hardcore with a hornline" group Crabhammer! So, after all of this, what can one say about the ever-humble Tracy Michaels? I believe he said it best himself: "I'm just a rad dude who likes hip things."

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