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Group String Orchestra!!


Group String Orchestra!!

Silver String Orchestra at Music & Arts, Exton, PA
From humble
beginnings, the string orchestra has blossomed into a successful group that has
performed regularly at various events, and has even appeared on TV.
Now that
school is over and our children no longer have school groups to play in, this
group is even more important in helping students continue to learn, improve
their skills and enjoy the camaraderie of orchestral performances.
string orchestra has become so popular, we now have about 20 musicians
performing in two orchestras: one for more advanced students and one for those
less advanced. This allows us to cater to the diverse skill continuum and
provide each musician with a growth path to more challenging and enjoyable music
as I craft the pieces we play.
As their teacher and conductor, I would ask
that you consider the huge benefits of playing together in a group, the life
skills that such activity imparts as well as increased musical appreciation.
Skills that are enhanced include improvements in intonation, the ability to play
in a group, and a significant growth in confidence as we continue to perform
The less advanced orchestra meets on a Monday at 7:30pm until
8:30pm, while the more advanced orchestra meets on a Wednesday at the same
times. The times have been chosen to allow students and adults to participate in
day-time activities and then join us during the evening. Practices are held at
the Music & Arts shopping mall (near Kohls and Big Lots) off route 30. The
investment in your child’s musical growth is $100, which covers 6 sessions over
6 weeks of practice, as well as one or more public performance, which occur at
the end of the 6-week period.
I am very excited about these groups, the fine
musicians that the students are becoming, and the opportunities that these
orchestras provide to students of all ages. I look forward to welcoming you and
your family to our musical family.
Deanne Silver
Strings instructor &
orchestra leader