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Learning To Play An Instrument Is Spring Break For Your Mind


Learning To Play An Instrument Is Spring Break For Your Mind

Got Spring fever? It's an exciting time of year when the world comes back to life, and the school year begins to wind down. Thoughts turn to outdoor activities, vacations, summer camp, and the big changes in routine that come with it all. These changes renew us, reinvigorate our daily lives, inject fresh "juice" in our soul. We need this!

Playing an instrument and the routines of practice and private instruction need a change, too! Shaking up your reperatoire, trying another teacher or instrument, extending your lesson time to an hour are all ways to change your perspective, reinvigorate your discipline, and boost your motivation. 

I often compare playing an instrument to physical fitness. Just as you must excercise regularly to maintain stamina, strength and flexibility, so too does regular practice on your instrument acheive the exact same effects. Maintain your skill and preserve all your progress with regular practice throughout the changes to come this Spring and Summer, exercise your mind, and take advantage of the change in routine to shake it up!