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Prepare Your Child for Success With The Proper Supplies


Prepare Your Child for Success With The Proper Supplies

As an adult, when preparing to learn something new, you know that having the right tools on-hand is critical to your success, and crucial to aleviating the frustration factor! Remember that, when shopping for your child's first (or second!) instrument for school band or orchestra. Following is a list of the must-haves:


Ever heard a full band playing and someone's out of tune? Don't let your kid be that kid! This is an essential tool for ALL MUSICIANS, beginners and advanced players alike. Imagine a room full of kids trying to tune up, by ear. Even the pros have a hard time in that environment. A lot of folks like the clip-on style that can 'read' the note by vibration when set to that mode, instead of with the built in microphone. That way, it's not being confused by all the other noise in the room. Other opitons are the non clip-on style of digital tuner, old-school tuning fork or pitch pipe.


Proper posture is important to maintain for optimal playing, and having your music right in your line of sight is crucial. Don't rely on the furniture, get the right tool for the job!


Regular play leaves certain residues on your instrument which can degrade the materials and impede the movement of the parts if not maintained. We've got the appropriate kit for any instrument, with its specific tools included. Preserve your investment, prolong trouble-free play, and replace these items yearly so you're not re-depositing the residues.

STARTER PACKS include most of these items - minus the tuner - at a savings.