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    • Jacob
    • Retail Manager - N - Ridgewood
    • Hey there! My name is Jacob, and I would like to welcome you to our Ridgewood Music & Arts Store Page! I've been with Music & Arts since Septempber of 2014. I began studying music in 5th grade when I joined the shcool band on clarinet and continued...
    • Jonah
    • Senior Sales Associate - Ridgewood
      Languages Spoken: Tagalog
    • Hi, my name is Jonah. I play upright bass and I am in love with music. If you ever need help with strings and woodwinds, I am your guy! I'm a senior at Lodi High School, ready to go to school for jazz and education. I love teaching and helping people...
    • Yolanda
    • Senior Sales Associate - Ridgewood
      Languages Spoken: Spanish
    • Hey!! This is Yolanda, Welcome to Ridgewood Music & Arts. I've played percussion and piano in high school and have been able to learn about different instruments over the years. If you have any questions, I will answer the best I can. If you need...