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June Joy


June Joy

by Shaun

As part of our OPEN MIC NIGHT and other sales going on, I wanted to make sure to relay some limited deals going on.


0% interest financing for 12 months- We pulled the rabbit out of the hat again, though at this point I think it's more like a gopher popping up out of the ground.


25% off clearance accessories- nto much to say here other than kewl! It means that the odds and ends clearance oils, shoulder rests, etc. we are trying to get rid of, we're now just losing everything on.


$1 clearance books- WHAT?! This is huge, I have three cubbies in the store filled to bursting with clearance books. This is huge for all you piano teachers out there looking for a new book for sight reading your students HAVEN'T used yet. Some of this stuff is just amazing that we would have it, but it's just a buck!


And last, but certainly not least, we have 10% off Band and Orchestra back again! The usual exclusions apply and all, but this is the time for those of you looking for a silver trumpet, trigger trombone, Double Horn, Grenadilla Clarinet, Solid silver flutes, or insane deals on Pro quality violins in the South Metro Atlanta area. You will not find anyone who will beat our prices. If you do, let me know and I'll fix it.


Other than that, come on by for our National Open mic night!


This is like a first paid gig for all performers! We'll be setup for anything and everything tonight!