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Teachers Wanted


Teachers Wanted

by Peter

Music & Arts in Redmond is excited to announce that we are looking to hire private instructors to teach lessons. Music & Arts is the nation's largest provided in lessons and we are excited to bring amazing quality musical lessons to Redmond! Where do we start though? That's with amazing, talented musicians, who have a passion to not only perform, but to inspire and pass on their art to future musicians. If you teach, piano, guitar, bass, drums, woodwinds, brass, or voice I would be super excited to meet you! If you were to teach with us, Music & Arts provides studio space, pianos in most of our studios, publicity, and we manage all lesson payments for you. As a teacher you get to focus on what you do best, teaching. If interested or you know someone who might be, please call us at the store or email me with a resume. We look forward to growing a lesson studio here in Redmond but can't do it with out teachers. 


Currently we are in dire need of violin, viola, guitar, and percussion teachers. We have plenty of availability for weekdays but would like to start some studios for Saturday. If you teach any of these instruments or know someone who does, please don't hesitate to reach out to me here at the store.


Peter Begina