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Summer is The Perfect Time for Music Lessons


Summer is The Perfect Time for Music Lessons

by John
As the school year winds to a close, many music students and parents turn their attention to summer activities that may not typically include playing their instrument. So as a result many students just end up putting it in the closet or under the bed and don’t touch it again until the fall. This is of course just the opposite of what should happen as the summer is actually the perfect time to dive... View More

Why Upgrade your Instrument

by John
As musicians we are always looking for a better voice for our music and just the right instrument to provide it. No problem for a singer right, it’s built in, but for an instrumentalist that voice has to come from the instrument we play.  As with most things musical instruments come in many different levels of precision, quality and price however, most fall into 3 basic categories, Beginner,... View More

Music & Arts Isn’t Just For Beginner Strings!

by John
Music & Arts Isn’t Just For Beginner Strings! Many folks associate Music & Arts with beginner instruments because as a company we are the Nation’s leading Band & Orchestra rental instrument provider and although that is a big part of our business M&A is so much more. We are also a major provider of step up and professional instruments as well, representing most of the best quality... View More

Richmond Clearance BLOWOUT!

by John
Our Richmond Music & Arts location at 4701 W. Broad St. is the area’s largest Musical instrument clearance center with hundreds of items all heavily discounted and ready to go, most with just minor cosmetic blemishes. Right now it gets even better as we need to make room for more scratch and dent items so we are blowing out our current stock of discount items. We have guitars starting as low as... View More