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Summer is The Perfect Time for Music Lessons


Summer is The Perfect Time for Music Lessons

by John

As the school year winds to a close, many music students and parents turn their attention to summer activities that may not typically include playing their instrument. So as a result many students just end up putting it in the closet or under the bed and don’t touch it again until the fall. This is of course just the opposite of what should happen as the summer is actually the perfect time to dive deeper into playing. One because more time can be devoted to it since there won’t be other class work to compete with music and more emphasis can be put on exactly what the student wants to play. Not to mention playing music is fun so why would anyone want to go 2 months without it!

However as with all things some direction is beneficial and can actually increase results as well as the fun. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through private music lessons. A private teacher can not only customize the instruction to fit the interest of the student but is also able to give just the right personalized feedback not always possible with classroom instruction. Lessons coupled with some fun play along song books can give hours of musical enjoyment. Another benefit of summer lessons and practice is the boost a student can get to their skill level and musical abilities. This will not only add to the enjoyment of band the following fall but can give a real edge in the competition for a higher chair placement within the band. Most 1st chair players win their position through extra practice particularity over the summer. So no matter whether your Band and Orchestra student wants to dig in and hone their skills or is just looking for something fun to do during the summer, Private Music Lessons is the sure answer and Music & Arts is here to help!

Not only is Music & Arts the nations premier lesson provider with professional proven teachers but our store provides the perfect safe and fun environment for young musicians. We are also currently offering several special incentives available for summer lessons making it very affordable as well.

We have a great group of instructors here at the 4701 W. Broad St, store so please check them out here on this page and for more information or to book a time just give us a call at the store 804-358-1981