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National Saxophone Day


National Saxophone Day

by Kyle

Hey everyone!!! This is Kyle your local saxophone aficionado over at Music & Arts. For those of you don’t know yesterday, November 6th, was National Saxophone Day. Almost every day is some sort of holiday anymore but very few of them get recognition. Well to me none deserves more than this one as this instrument has touched me more than any other. This day is recognized as National Saxophone Day as it is the creator, Adolphe Sax’s birthday. Looking back now I can’t imagine him ever realizing this instrument he created would gain so much popularity and reach the heights it has. It was a slow start for the saxophone but with the jazz era it took off and never looked back. It is easily one of the most recognized and most loved instruments out there. It is prominent in jazz, classical, pop, and definitely known for the emotion it can convey as it is very much used in romantic moments. As the great Percy Grainger even said, “the saxophone is the closest thing to the human voice.” What’s the point you may be asking? Well here it is if you have always wanted to learn an instrument, the sax is a great way to go. You will be able to express yourself in ways you may never have before. Those of you who play it keep with it. You may have rough patches but so do all of us. Remember what made you fall in love with it and get back to that. Lastly for those who just love listening to music but don’t know much about the sax check stuff out there’s something for everyone in it. Check out the likes of John Coltrane, Dexter Gordon Cannonball Adderley, Phil Woods, Marcel Mule, and if you’re so inclined, yes, even Kenny G. (Cough eeww cough cough). 

So now that you know a little more about this magnificent instrument, come on down and I can help show you all about their beauty. We have everything you need from rentals, lessons, as well as some great deals throughout the month to get you headed down the path of becoming the next “Saxophone Colossus”.