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Sanford Rocks Open Mic Night Review!


Sanford Rocks Open Mic Night Review!

by Shane

Sanford Open Mic Night Nov 2017!  Sanford is a wonderful community full of unique up and coming artists.  It was a great night of rehearsed performances, impromptu jam sessions, original songs, and favorite hits from all different genres.  We will be hosting another Open Mic Night on Friday January 5th 2017.  If you would like to be a part of the show or part of the audience, please call 407-321-4750.   We want to send a huge round of applause, and appreciation for all of those who helped to set up and take part of the show:

Performers:  Ashley Martin, Maddux Miller, Sofia Rodriuez, Stern Li, Mike Gao, Fiona Jiao, Albert Zhang, Anna Suchy, and the Lake Mary Prep Combo Group. 

Staff: Benny Romero, Marc Sugarman, Austin Kessler, Shane Bryant .