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Treasure Hunt at Music & Arts Sanford!


Treasure Hunt at Music & Arts Sanford!

by Shane

      Gold coins and relics are items you wouldn't normally expect to find at a music instrument store, and don't worry, you won't.  The treasures I'm talking about are the ones most valuable to professional and student musicians alike.  Over the past moth, we have been digging through our inventory, uncovering those valuable coveted clearance items.  If you have never prospected a clearance event at Music & Arts, then you are trully missing out.  For the month of July, we have more than a treasure chest of items to satisfy just about any musical buckaneer without making you walk the bank plank.  In case you don't know where we ARRR located, you can follow your favorite treasure map to

Music & Arts Sanford

1673 WP Ball Blvd

Sanford, FL 32771



Once you arrive, board our land vessel where you can pick axe, I mean, pick your axe, and get picks for your axe.  We also have a beautiful black "Pearl" drumkit that shiver your timbers, and help your band keep anchor with a rock solid sound.  Just like any other treasure you may search for around the world, once its found, its gone.  If you ARRR sporting your favorite eye patch don't worry, we have made our clearance items easy to find.  Just look in the places you normally would to find your bounty, and enjoy the loot.  

If you do need help finding any of the precious jewels in the store, just ask any of my ship mates, and they can pinpoint you in the right direction.  You don't have to keep pirates code on this treasure, you can tell all of your mates about it!  Feel free to signal me at 407-321-4750, or send me a post to  Below are just a few photographs of some of the jewels that are waiting to be uncovered, there is just too much to capture!  You can also find treasure across the national map at other Music & Arts territories.  Good luck!