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Instrument Rentals - New Process!


Instrument Rentals - New Process!

With the ever changing environment, schools are under a lot of pressure to roll out their programs properly and safely. This includes the music programs as they have had to change dramatically and swiftly. We are still here to assist with your musical needs, so please read below to see how we are doing our best to keep you safe:

In an effort to reduce close contact, all of our rentals are being done online. Even if you come into the store, the staff will process the rental through our website to be as paperless as possible. There are a few ways you can help with this process.

  1. AT HOME RENTALS – If you are on our website (like say, right now), at the top right you can see the options for RENTALS. This will take you through the entire process, including all the items your teacher says you need for class. Make sure to use the Quick Code S7607 so your rental will process in our system faster! You can fill out the rentals plus all supplies and select to either have these delivered directly to you or for pick up in store. More on that next!

  2. IN-STORE RENTALS – We can ABSOLUTELY still help you in store. Please note, we can only allow 10 customers in the store at a time. To make this process faster, please have a valid Credit Card and matching US issued ID (Driver’s license) ready so we can get your rental done in a timely fashion.

  3. LDW – We highly recommend getting this option with all rentals and usually quote the rental price with this included. LDW or Liability Damage Waiver is simply a repair plan in case of any accidental damages or repairs. For a one-time payment, your instrument is covered for the amount of the rental period. While we recommend bringing your instrument in for maintenance two to three times a year, there is no limit to how often you can bring your instrument in for our techs to repair.

When doing your rental from home, you will have the option to either have the instrument shipped directly to you or to pick up in store. Let’s review both options.

  1. SENT HOME – This will be the safest option as it will avoid needing to potentially interact with other people. The downfall of this will be the minimum two week shipping time. We are still limited staff due to safety protocols, but we will get to everyone as quickly as possible.

  2. PICK UP “IN-STORE” – When choosing this option, it sends a notification to the store staff that will then review your order and pull your request. We can also let you know if something is missing based on teacher recommendations as well as discuss the LDW in more detail. Please wait for us to call you that your order is ready as we will make an appointment for “curbside” delivery. This means when you arrive, please park in the parking lot and give us a call. We will then come out with your rental, verify ID on the passenger’s side of the car, then place the rental in the back seat or truck of the vehicle. This is for your safety as well as the safety of the staff.

Some school programs are shifting completely online, so now would be the best time to supplement with one-on-one lessons! We can help support the program as well as help the student accelerate with their musical journey. Please give us a call for more information and discuss the different instructors available.

Please remember, due to COVID-19 and all safety protocols, a mask is required if entering the building. We are also only able to let in 10 customers at a time, so if you are coming to the store to do a rental, please only send one parent or guardian if possible. All other customers must wait outside for an associate to let you in. There will be no exceptions.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please call the store to speak with an associate today!