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When is it the right time to buy an instrument?


When is it the right time to buy an instrument?

by Charise

When is it the right time to buy an instrument for my player?

That is a question I get asked frequently. The answer really depends on your player and where they are in their musical journey.

What I love most about Music & Arts' Rental Program is we offer trial periods when you first begin renting with us. This provides the player with the opportunity to test out the instrument. If they love it, GREAT! If they do not, then you do have the option to exchange the instrument to another one or return the instument. This program is great for our younger players who first experience playing an instrument.  

I always recommend renting for at least two years. That way, if they stick with the instrument you know they will be devoted in playing that instrument into the future. Once we know this. I reccomend to then purchase an instrument vs. continuing renting. 

Beginning or student instruments are designed to get a player to play the instrument. In the future, when they advance in their skills, they will eventually outgrow the isntrument and are ready for a better quality instrument.

For our string players, the instruments does come in different sizes, which is bassed off the players height. As everyone grows differently, they will outgrow their fractional sized instrument. When the player moves into a 4/4 size string instrument. I recommend purchasing a new instrument.

For players who are interested in trying out an upgraded instrument, we are scheduling demonstrations here in store. To schedule, please call us at 860-276-5861. 

If you feel that your player is ready to advance or to talk about what are the best options are for my player for now and for the future, please give us a call. My staff and I are happy to talk with you about your available options and what the best recommendations are for your player.