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The Importance of Recording Yourself


The Importance of Recording Yourself

by Elliott
Many musicians often overlook the importance of listening to recordings of their own playing.  The wide-spread assumption is that by listening to yourself as you play, you achieve the same effect as listening to a recording. This is, unfortunately, not the case. By attempting to judge your own performance while it’s going on, you distract yourself, and very little is achieved.                ... View More

Preparing for a Performance

by Donna
It is a scientific fact that studying music has many benefits.  It makes your brain smarter, it improves disciplined habits, and it can be a relaxing creative outlet in a busy world. When you take private music lessons, you get professional and individual instruction in a safe learning environment where you can explore many facets of music in a variety of styles and contexts at your own pace.  ... View More

Did You Know?

by Elliott
By now, most people know that we rent instruments and that we offer lessons, but there are many things that we offer here at Music and Arts that you may not have known. Did you know that we are actually the largest lesson provider in the nation?! We give over 2 million lessons per year on everything from saxophone, guitar, and voice to piano, percussion, and trombone. Here in the Sterling location, we... View More

Rental vs Purchase

by Elliott
It's that time of year again! School is starting back and we have a new group of students starting band and orchestra. Many of you may be wondering, "should I rent the instrument or just purchase one?" That is an excellent question that many people find themselves asking. We always recomend renting first because children do have a tendancy to change their minds and with our rental program, we have return... View More

Why Take Lessons?

by Elliott
Many people looking to start playing an instrument often ask themselves this question, "why should I take lessons when I can get a book or watch Youtube videos?" This is a very good point. Books and videos are a great resource for learning new things, but they lack one major element. That element is hands on instruction. There are many subtle changes and techniques that a professional instructor can... View More