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Did You Know?


Did You Know?

by Elliott

By now, most people know that we rent instruments and that we offer lessons, but there are many things that we offer here at Music and Arts that you may not have known.

Did you know that we are actually the largest lesson provider in the nation?! We give over 2 million lessons per year on everything from saxophone, guitar, and voice to piano, percussion, and trombone. Here in the Sterling location, we give about 270 lessons per week.

Did you know that we offer repair service on almost every instrument? We have the largest repair facility on the east coast located in Frederick, MD that is full of trained, professional technicians. Our shop repairs 100s of instruments every week for customers, stores, schools, and educational representatives.

Did you know that we offer a 30 day try and buy guarantee on any product we carry? That's right! Any item in store or online can be purchased with a 30 day try and buy money back guarantee. So why wait? Stop by today to see the wide assortment of products we carry.