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Stayin' Alive - Trumpet Edition


Stayin' Alive - Trumpet Edition

by Matthew

Howdy folks! 

With the school season upon us all, we've had a mad dash of repairs coming in to get students ready for a solid season of playing music. Trumpets seem to be the biggest culprate of them all. And to be more specific, it's stuck valves and stuck tuning slides that have been the most common killer of them all. The great thing is, it's one of the easiest repairs to avoid all together by just doing a couple simple things....

1. Use valve oil before everytime you play.

2. Use tuning slide grease on all your slides. When I played I would apply it kind of like putting on lip balm every couple of weeks. 

Do this regularly and you will avoid your trumpet's parts seizing up this season!

Grease and oil keep a trumpet feeling royal!