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Brand New King 3BF Trombone - 25% OFF!


Brand New King 3BF Trombone - 25% OFF!

We have a brand new King 3BF Trombone here that is currently 25% off. There is an iconic old show biz introduction that goes something like, "And now, an artist who needs no introduction..." Well, the King 3B tenor trombone needs no introduction. It is among the most iconic instruments in jazz, sitting aliong side the Selmer MK VI saxophone and the King Constellation trumpet as the tools that were used to define jazz horn playing throughout the 20th century. This version of the 3B features the King F-Attachment mechanism.

The King 3BF Legend Series F-Attachment Trombone offers the same top features of the classic 3B trombone, but with the addition of a standard wrap F-Attachment. The 3BF offers a .508-inch bore with excellent projection plus an 8-inch yellow brass bell with a quick response. The King 3BF is a great choice for the player that desires the playing qualities of the regular 3B, but enhanced with the flexibility and range extension of an F-Attachment trombone.


Everyday Low Price of $2,469 comes down to $1,851.75 with the 25% off. On top of that, King is offering an additional $100 rebate! We also have 18 month, 0% interest financing! Act quickly, this is the only one we have in stock! Call 615-771-3113 to set up demo or with any other questions.