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Caring For Your Violin: Helpful Tips and Tricks


Caring For Your Violin: Helpful Tips and Tricks

by Deborah
Caring for instruments may seem like a daunting task, but with regular care and maintenance, its life will be extended tenfold. Stringed instruments especially are very fragile and picky, requiring a little bit more care than all other instruments. However, just like with anything else, after lots of practice, instrument care will become second nature! The weather can have a huge effect on stringed instruments.... View More

How To Help Your Instrument Survive The Winter

by Nick
Thanks to this polar vortex, it’s colder than ever here in CT and all across the rest of the country. We live in a state where the air hurts our face. Why do we live where the air hurts our face? That answer might vary, but what doesn’t change is the impact that winter weather can have on our beloved instruments. Cold and dry air can wreak havoc on any instrument you might own, so I’ve... View More

Take lessons this summer

by Kyle
Come and take your playing to the next level this summer! We have pros that can help you play that song you've been stuck on for a while. Maybe you'd like to make regionals this year and need a little help with your technique. We'd love to help you reach all of your musical goals! View More


by Kyle
Come on in March 23rd - 25th and recieve a 10% discount on all purcases of $199 or more! There are tons of guitars, amps, and pedals on blowout as well. You're sure to find something you'l love! View More

Black Friday Deals Are Live!

by Kyle
Come on in any time between 11/17-11/26 and take advantage of our great Black Friday deals! 20% off any purchase of $199 or more! If you sign up for lessons 11/24-11/26, we'll have a free guitar or ukulele for you! View More