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Teaches Early Music Instruments, Piano, Music Theory

Tuning my violin, rehearsing, or playing my mom’s favorite song on the piano is all part of what makes music an excellent emotional band-aid.

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Bachelor of Arts, Hartland College, Certificate of Teaching, Polytech, Apia, Samoa

Areas of Instruction

Early Music Instruments, Piano, Music Theory

Levels Taught

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, All

Favorite Instruments

Piano, Keyboard

About Jerilyn

My name is Jerilyn Ah Sam, born and raised in South San Francisco, CA, where I first took piano and violin from the ages of 5 and 7. After a few lessons, I started accompanying and playing for church and school programs, which eventually took me traveling to over 35 states in the USA and over 16 countries on mission trips! 
I love to travel, and have recorded alongside many musicians since age 11, especially in Hawaii, California, and my parents’ home, the island country of Samoa in the South Pacific. Although I have co-composed a very few songs, Las Vegas is a home base to continue learning to have a “proper” conversation with my musical instruments, while working to hone my “playing by ear” skills.
The world is your keyboard oyster, and you have a right to be heard. So I am committed to working side-by-side to help you fulfill your musical dreams, because practice does make perfect, and you are already on your way!!
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