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Combo Corner: Edition One


Combo Corner: Edition One

by Sean
Hello Bassists & Bass-ettes, I’m the new Full-Timer here at Music & Arts Center in Glendora. I play a plethora of instruments, but the main instruments I play are Guitar and Bass so I’ve created this blog called the Combo Corner for insights in combo instruments and their accessories.
In today’s entry we will be reviewing D’Addario Bass strings. As a Bassist (speaking for myself), I’m very picky, so picky that I refuse to use a pick to play Bass. There’s a certain sound I expect in the type of Bass I play. Before working here in Glendora, I was at the San Dimas store and there was a Guitar/Bass/Ukulele/Voice teacher by the name of Will Dawson. He would recommend accessories, YouTube channels of artists who would review guitars/basses and he would give general guidance of the type of product or idea you had in mind for your sound.
One day, I had inquired about a band that had heavy distortion and a deep Bass sound. After listening to the song, he had told me that it was mostly the Bass that was emitting the heaviness and atmosphere of the song, and then I asked what he would recommend to mimic that type of sound. D’Addario ECB82 Chrome Flatwound Medium Bass strings were suggested and I went onto Music & Arts’ website to see if we carried them and did further research on them. A couple months later I bought them, put them on and played them.
The sound that came out was exactly what I had wanted. The deep but soft sound gave a foreboding and satisfying tone to the Fender Jazz Bass I’ve had since I was in Junior High School. As Will told me, the flatwound strings would last a long time and grime and sweat from the hand wouldn’t get into the strings like they would if I used roundwound. Generally, the flatwounds won’t be as tough on your fingers like roundwounds would be. D’Addario’s flatwound Chromes are ribbon wound and polished giving the smoothness on the tips of your fingers while you play. If you play Jazz, Blues or Pop, I would definitely recommend these for an upcoming or long time Bassist. As for those just starting, the light gauges are recommended so you can get started and you don’t strain your fingers.