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Open Mic 2/17/17


Open Mic 2/17/17

by Michael
A great time was had by all who attended the M&A Open Mic Night on 2/17/17. Thanks to all who graced us with their talents! We had a nice variety of music and instruments including piano, ukulele, flute, guitar, recorder and even electric cello!!!
Students and staff BOTH performed and encouraged each other to do their best! When it was all over the performers stayed in the store, enjoyed each other and shared  stories about their passion for music! Everyone was excited about returning on Friday, March 17th to participate again in the Open Mic Night at MUSIC & will be there too, won't you? I hope so!  I would love to introduce you, give you the microphone and stage to show us what ya got! Don't worry if you have never performed before. We will help encourage you to start strong and enjoy watching you grow each month! I can't wait expose you to an audience...see you there!