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Horns of Plenty/Upgrade Your Sound Event!


Horns of Plenty/Upgrade Your Sound Event!

by Jodi

Hey Everyone!


       As we start to wind down on what has been a very successful rental season for our store, I wanted to take a moment to thank the directors, parents, schools, lesson students, educational representatives, teachers both in-store and out, the repair shop, shuttle drivers, other stores, our own staff, and anyone else I may have left out. Your hard work, patience, and perseverance during our busiest time of the year have not gone unnoticed, and I wish I could take a moment to thank each of you personally for your role in such a monumental effort over the last few months.  All the positive feedback we have gotten motivates us to continue our efforts to advance music education and opportunity in Greensboro and the surrounding area.


       On that note, I wanted to go ahead and let everyone know about our next big event, which is our Horns of Plenty in-store event on Thursday, December 13th from 4pm-9pm. This is a unique, once-a-year, one-day event that affords students, parents, and other musicians the opportunity to drastically improve the quality of their instrument. Beginner instruments are great, but they are definitely for beginners! If you have an advancing student or are an advancing musician, a beginner instrument can hinder both technical and tonal development, and can often frustrate a student once they progress beyond the capabilities of their instrument.  


       There are a lot of great reasons to take advantage of our Upgrade Your Sound Event, such as:

-The lowest pricing you’ll find on step-up instruments

-Financing offers of up to 36 months with 0% interest and 0% down for qualifying customers

-Special instruments we can obtain upon RSVP request

-Rebates of up to $200 from many dealers, such as Yamaha, Jupiter, Azumi, Pearl, and P. Mauriat, and

-A selection of top instruments and brands all in one place!

       Special pricing and financing aside, I think the most important aspect of our event is the selection. Buying an instrument is a huge decision, which makes it that much better to have a variety of instruments to try to make sure that the instrument you choose is the best one for you or your child. Every instrument feels a little bit different, and I can tell you that finding “the one” is one of the coolest experiences a musician can have.


       If you would like to RSVP to our event or would like to find out more information, I have provided a link to our Upgrade Your Sound landing page below:

       P.S.- This event is particularly important to me because I know what an enormous difference a good instrument can make. When I first switched to tenor saxophone in 6th grade, my parents were faced with the challenge of finding a good horn for me to play. Our school had nothing to offer, so my parents made what we all thought was a great purchase of a brand new saxophone online. It wasn’t until it arrived that I realized it was very poorly built, and it gave me nothing but headaches and frustration. I felt too guilty to tell my financially challenged parents that the horn was not a good brand, but they learned soon enough, as my saxophone literally began completely falling apart barely a year later. Seeing how passionate I was, it was then that my parents decided to find something more reliable, and when I got my new professional saxophone, my life as a saxophonist completely changed in the most phenomenal way. As strange as it may sound, there is literally nothing like the bond between a musician and their instrument. My saxophone stayed with me for 10 years, never letting me down as one of the few constants through all the incredible highs, the unspeakable lows, and every experience in-between. Music is that powerful, and meant and still means that much to me. I did reluctantly part with that saxophone so that a dear friend in need could have an affordable horn of his own, but I treat the horn I have now with the same reverence and appreciation, and I can assure you it will grow old with me.  

Nothing makes me happier than leaving a positive impact on young musicians. Having the privilege to be a part of that experience through Music & Arts is what makes me so proud to work here, and I know first-hand how exciting and life-changing that first instrument experience can be. My staff and I can’t wait to be a part of that with you. See you soon!


With the utmost sincerity,

Jodi L.

Manager, Music & Arts Greensboro