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Solo & Ensemble Prep Tips


Solo & Ensemble Prep Tips

by Sean

We are all getting time to prepare for our solo & ensemble performances. Many of us for the first time, some have done it for years!   Regardless, we all get the nerves creeping up on us that may inhibit our best possible performance.  Here are a few tips I have found that help me when I go to perform for someone.

1.  Be prepared!  You are less likley to freeze up if you are well prepared.  Rehearse as much as you can and practice in front of people, not just alone.

2. Eat a bannana before you perform.   Studies show that the vitamins in bannanas help calm nerves.

3. Listen to a metrome before you perform.  Your nerves will cause you to play your music faster than normal.  You do not want to pklay faster than you are compfortable doing.

4. Sleep! Get plenty of rest the day before so you are not tired and unfocused.


Hopefully these are helpful in your performance!  Good luck to all!