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Summer Repair Tips


Summer Repair Tips

by Sean

With everyone currently,in summer break, and in the midst of band camps; We at Music & Arts Jacksonville highly encourage alll students to bring in your instruments for regular tune-ups! 

It is reccomended that someone bring sin their instrument in for repair twice a year, and Summer Break is a perfect time for that. We have a in house repair technician that can work on your instrument in a timely fashion. 

A few things to consider:

Make sure you bring in your instrument as soon as school ends.  DO NOT wait until 3 days before you go back to school, and band camps, or you may not get your instrument back in time.  

Make sure you are doing your own personal maitence. Soo many times we recieve repairs that could have been prevented if the owner of the instrument took the time to do their own maitence instead of waiting until there is a problem.  


In any case the most important thing to remember:  You, as a student, cannot be successful in your musical journey if you do not have a proper, working instrument.