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Band and Orchestra Instrument Rental Program


Band and Orchestra Instrument Rental Program

by Matthew

Music & Arts Rental Program
Sharing music with families since 1952

 Musical Instruments in Frederick



As a company, Music & Arts is the largest provider of instrument rentals, with more than 200,000 instruments being rented annually.  Our rental program is simple, easy, and 100% rent to own! All of your rental payments go towards the purchase of the instrument you are renting. We also offer special payoff options to our rental customers.  Along with our program, you have the option of exchanging your rental instrument for another, and all of your rental money will travel from one to the other.  We highly recommend taking advantage of our rental instrument repair plan.  Some repairs can be costly, and its nice to know that you'll be covered when the time comes for repairs or even routine maintance. 


In Frederick County, Carroll County, Washington County, and West Virginia, we carry educator-approved brands, such as Yamaha, Gemeinhardt, Buffet, Jupiter, and Bundy for band instruments, and Strobel, Scherl & Roth, Glaesel, and Eastman for string instruments.  We also have a full assortment of method books students need for their school classes in your school, plus the supplies they'll need to get started and be successful.


We offer piccolo, flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, french horn, trumpet, trombone, baritone, bell kit, drum kit, percussion learning kit, violin, viola, cello, and upright bass rentals.



For more information about how to rent or our program, please call us at 301-620-2015.  You can even rent through our Online Rentals webpage and have your instrument sent to you, or you can pick it up in our store.  We have rental instruments available every day of the week!


Why choose Music & Arts?

  • Convenient, flexible rental plans
  • Largest chain of music stores devoted to the beginning musician
  • Trusted by thousands of Music Educators & parents nationwide


Some of the local schools we service:
Ballenger Creek Elementary; Boonsboro Elementary; Brunswick Elementary; Carroll Manor Elementary; Centerville Elementary; Deer Crossing Elementary; Emmitsburg Elementary; Frederick Classical Charter; Glade Elementary; Greenbrier Elementary; Green Valley Elementary; Hillcrest Elementary; Kemptown Elementary; Lewistown Elementary; Liberty Elementary; Lincoln Elementary; Middletown Elementary; Monocacy Elementary; Mount Airy Elementary; Myersville Elementary; New Market Elementary; New Midway Elementary; North Frederick Elementary; Oakdale Elementary; Orchard Grove Elementary; Parkway Elementary; Pleasant Valley Elementary; Sabillasville Elementary; Spring Ridge Elementary; Thurmont Elementary; Twin Ridge Elementary; Tuscarora Elementary; Urbana Elementary; Valley Elementary; Walkersville Elementary; Waverley Elementary; Whittier Elementary; Wolfsville Elementary; Yellow Springs Elementary; Ballenger Creek Middle;