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Should I Upgrade My Instrument?


Should I Upgrade My Instrument?

One of the biggest questions we get at the store is when is it a good time to get a new instrument for my child? There is no one answer to this question but there are some things to keep in mind that can help you make your decision.

  1. Upgraded instruments are designed to sound better than beginner instruments

    1. Beginner instruments are designed to take some abuse and will hold back a player's development
    2. Upgraded instruments allow the player to focus on their sound because they will sound better
    3. Some instruments will have additional keys or features to allow for extended range
    4. The cases are usually upgraded as well as the instrument
  2. Renting to own is great to start but more expensive over the long-term

    1. Renting to own allows you and the student to figure out which instrument to stay with but usually costs the renter as much as an upgraded instrument over the length of the rental

    2. Renting allows you and the student to get some discounts towards a new instrument.
    3. Rental instruments are usually instruments designed for first year players and students usually outgrow the level of the instrument before you own it.

If your young musician is enjoying her or his instrument and wants to contiune playing an upgraded instrument is a great investment. It is amazing how much more your student will play and practice when they suddenly find passages that used to be difficult a breeze with thier new instrument.


If you're not sure if your child is ready come in to our store and we can help! We have professional staff and experts on all the instruments. Appointments are not required but preferred so we can give you the best one-on-one experice for you and your family!