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The Art of Never Selling Yourself Short


The Art of Never Selling Yourself Short

by Olivia

   In the world of beginning musicians, I often hear the phrases “I’m not musically inclined” or “That seems way to hard for me” and “How long will it take until I’m good?”


My answer to many of those statements is always the same -- “Don’t sell yourself short.”


The whole reason this business came to be, was to bring music to the lives of others.

Those wanting to play, and those wanting to listen. I am the lesson coordinator for this store, and I’ve seen many students who were once just customers coming in to the store staring at the guitar wall and telling me that they ”haven’t played in years and probably sound terrible”.

My answer to that is lessons, but also practice, practice, PRACTICE. Jimi Hendrix didn’t just wake up one morning a legend. He practiced, he took risks, he failed, and then he became successful.

Another factor in being a better musician, is having a better instrument to play on. Sometimes the sound really does play a big part in motivation. My first guitar was some off brand from some random country. It sounded terrible, and each time I tried to play on it, it just never sounded right. I was playing all the right chords, the guitar was brand new, I was taking lessons,  but the quality was poor. I gave up playing for a year after that. I now own an Eastman acoustic guitar. I am absolutely in love with the sound and the quality. I practice up to an hour a day.


My job isn’t just to be the lesson coordinator, but also to be a great advisor to finding the best instrument possible for any and all players. Beginning or advanced. Parents will often buy their children the cheapest guitar possible to start out on, from the fear that the child might give up half way through. My instinct is to immediately talk about starting lessons, and to find a guitar that has a great sound, so that the child knows that with practice they’ll sound just as amazing as the guitar they chose to play on.


Also, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Music is a beautiful thing, and mistakes will only make you a better musician, and lead you further to success.


We are your guides. Please trust in us to lead you down the best path possible to making your dreams come to life. Give yourself the best resources possible, and practice the art of never selling yourself short.