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Choosing the Best Reeds for Your Instrument


Choosing the Best Reeds for Your Instrument

by Vaughn
Oh no! My reed just broke and it was the last one in my case! What?! There is more than one type of reed in the store??? Rico, D'Addario, Vandoren? 2.0, 2.5, 4.0? What is going on??? When stopping in your local Music & Arts to pick up more reeds, it can sometimes be overwhelming with the selection we offer. But fret not! We are here to help to make sure you get the right reeds for your clarinet or saxophone!
Typically, new students will start on Rico reeds (orange box), size 2.0. These reeds are great for beginners because they are very consistent and are very easy to produce a sound with. However, after about the first year, this size reed will start to hold the player back. The numbers on the box (2.0, 2.5, 3.0, etc.) refer to the thickness of the reed. The lower the number, the thinner the reed and the easier it is to play. The higher the number, the thicker and more resistance it provides. With thicker reeds, the tone of the instrument will be better and instrument response in higher ranges will improve. So if you've been playing for a few years and are still playing on a size 2.0, try out a 2.5 (increase one size at a time!). You'll notice a big difference in your sound!
Not that we've talked about size, let's talk about brand. The 3 main brands we have in the store are Rico, D'Addario, and Vandoren. The Rico reeds are great for beginning players because of their consistency. As you progress, upgrading to the Vandoren or D'Addario Reserve reeds will improve your tone as well. These brands are known for their higher quality cane and will help provide the player with a better tone and response of the instrument.
So if you've been playing clarinet or saxophone for a few years and haven't changed reeds before, stop in and talk to us. We can help pick a reed that will be best suited for you so you can sound your best while making music!