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Holidays 2016


Holidays 2016

by James

It's that time of year again. The leaves are changing, weather starts to get colder, people complaining over coffee cup designs. But overall, it's the best time of year for so many reasons. We get to catch up with family that we haven't seen in a good while, remember what's important in life, and get crazy good deals on everything that we've been wanting to splurge a little bit of extra spending cash on throughout the year.

Maybe you want the latest computer or phone upgrade. Maybe it's a new video game that's been talked up since E3. Or maybe it's finally time to pick up your first instrument. For kids from 1 to 92, we have something here for you and the best deals of the year on our most popular products. From guitars to drums, piccolos to tubas, we're here to help you on your musical journey.

And we certainly don't leave you out on the cold on your own with your instrument. Lessons are offered everyday of the week here at Music and Arts in Wayne with some of the best instructors around. So just give us a call and we'll get you set up from start to finish!

Happy holidays from our family to yours!