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New Fender Guitars!


New Fender Guitars!

by James


So, as a guitarist, I love seeing new products come into the store. Not just so I can fiddle around with them during my downtime, but so I can show aspiring new players what they have to look forward to if they stick with playing! Recently we had some new Fender guitars arrive and I wanted to give them a little bit of a product review, if you will. 


Let's start off with the two "Ice Blue" custom Squier Affinity series guitars. Matching beauties from the classic Stratocaster and Telecaster models. Now, I'm partial to Telecasters myself, my main guitar is an American Special Telecaster with an "antique ivory" finish. Her name is Elsa. However, plugging in this Strat through the Fender Blues Jr III mixed with a little reverb and delay, toss in a smidge of compression, and you've got a heck of a lot of tone for a price that doesn't hurt your wallet. Pop the pickup selector into position 2 or 4 and throw the Dunlop Fuzz Face with some MXR Phase 90 action on and you're stepping into Hendrix's psychadelic realm.


The matching Tele is nothing to shove off either. Sweet warm cleans on the neck lipstick style pickup are perfect for anything from jazz to singer songwriters. Flip to the bridge pickup and you'll be chicken-pickin all day long. Classic rock tones galore akin to Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones with the MXR Custom Modified Overdrive pedal.


The latest addition we have to our in stock selection is a gorgeous butterscotch Squier Affinity Tele. An unfinished maple neck gives it a little more 'spank' to the tone than the rosewood fingerboards on the aforementioned Fenders. Similar tones will be found on this guy to its Ice Blue counterpart having similar electronics, but something about it just jives a little closer to my heart.


But that's the great thing about being a musician, everything is debatable and it doesn't matter what I think. The best way to decide if a guitar, violin, clarinet, what have you, is to try it out for yourself. Your tone starts with your own hands, and no one can replicate that 100%. EVER! Pretty cool if you ask me.