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The Benefit of the Rental LDW


The Benefit of the Rental LDW

by Jacob

Hello! Today I am going to talk about the inportance of our Liability Damage Waiver, or LDW, for our rented instruments.

What is LDW?

The LDW is an optional fee that can ONLY be added at the start of the rental process. It can not be added later, but can always be removed. LDW is our Repair and Maintenance for our rented instruments.

What does it cover?

The LDW covers the instrument for any necessary repairs that you may need while you are renting the instrument. If the instrument gets dropped by a sibling, knocked off the chair by a classmate, or just isn't sounding right; you can bring it in for a free repair service. In many cases the repair price for routine work is $95 -$125. At most, the repair plan for 10 months would cost $50 (depends on the category of the instrument). Also, if the instrument is damaged beyond repair, we would exchange it for no extra charge. Without the LDW, you could be looking at $900(!!!) to replace the broken instrument.

Where can I add the LDW?

Adding LDW is super easy! If you are doing the rental online, the website automatically preselects the LDW option. Don't worry, if you forget to add it and are picking it up at the store, give us a call within 24 hours and we can add it on while we are processing the order.

To recap, here are 5 great reasons to add LDW to your rental!

  • Periodic repairs & adjustments are required on most instruments.
  • The cost of a repair can often exceed the cost of a year's worth of LDW.
  • You may cancel the LDW at any time.
  • Homeowner's insurance does not usually cover the instrument.
  • Without LDW, you are financially responsible for loss, theft, damage to or destruction of the instrument.

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