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Labor Day Weekend & More Events for Sept - Oct


Labor Day Weekend & More Events for Sept - Oct

by Cole

This Monday is Labor Day, and we have some special things going on JUST FOR YOU!

First off, we are having an awesome sale this month on all back to school esentials, as well as additional discounts on instrument accessories with every rental and 15% off purchases over $99!

We are also planning, Friday October 19th @ 3:30p, a MIM workshop (Managing Instrument Maintenance). Our very own lesson teachers will be showcasing just how easy it is to maintain your instrument after every time you play it. Our workshops will be half hour sessions, starting at 2:30p. To RSVP click the link below and let us know what instrument you have and which workshop you are interested in attending.

To learn more about the sales or this up comming event, give us a call or shoot us a message, or even stop by the store. We would love to hear from you.

RSVP for MIM workshop by emailing burienmgr@musicarts.com