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Ibanez JEM Junior


Ibanez JEM Junior

For this edition of the Music and Arts Blog we're checking out this rad white Ibanez JEM Junior guitar! The JEM is one of Ibanez's most iconic models. Created by guitar legend Steve Vai in 1987, he teamed up with Ibanez to conjure up his signature guitar, and the JEM was born. Little did he know, that the JEM would have a such a long-lasting impact on the guitar world. It has since come and gone in many styles and colors over the past 30 years, but has always been a staple in the Ibanez catalog. This guitar is very versatile, as it can be used in the context of sweet and smooth jazz to the roaring, chunky riffs of metal; great for fast and soaring solos to steady rhythm, this guitar can meet a range of needs. In an effort  to make the JEM more available to a broader fanbase, Ibanez released the JEM Junior so that anyone can experience this timeless guitar.

The JEM Junior features a mahogany body, Ibanez's signature Wiard III Maple neck, Rosewood fretboard, and the famous Monkey grip. Some unique features of this guitar also include an H-S-H pickup configuration, double-locking tremolo system and the ever-distinguishing Tree of Life inlays. More of its specs are listed on our website and come check us out at the Music and Arts at Concord Mills and experience the magic that is the JEM Junior!