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Summer! - More Time to Hone Your Musical Skills


Summer! - More Time to Hone Your Musical Skills

Schools out! Most schools have finished up their lesson plans and students are relieved from the graded practice sheets and homework for band and orchestra classes. Though its no longer a grade, students have more time to practice during the summer than any other time of year!

We here at Music & Arts strongly encourage continuing to play music actively through the summer for a multitude of reasons. For players continuing in to the next school year in music, keeping up with a practice routine helps maintain the skills built up throughout this past year. Many players we've seen come through our store have expressed interest in learning how to stay engaged with music outside of school!

A few things I would recommend to players during the summer

- Dedicate 15 minutes a day to simple practice. Once this type of routine gets built in, players gradually will practice more and more as the days go by.

- Get a new music book. This is a time where music is no longer handed to players like it is in the classroom. There are so many books available for any type of music the player would enjoy in a solo or ensemble setting.

- Get private lessons. This is one of biggest things you can do for a musician during the summer. Getting some one-on-one attention from a professional does wonders and gives the player a goal to push toward. Private instruction is what gets a lot of students in to the major ensembles on the state and national levels.

The possibilities are endless during the summer! Don't let them go to waste! If you need any assistance finding instructors or books to play from, feel free to contact us!