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New & Improved Mouthpiece, Anyone?


New & Improved Mouthpiece, Anyone?

by Kitty
About once a week, we get a request by the parent of a 1st year band member, to replace or fix the child's mouthpiece.Many times, a replacement, just the same level, or price as the original, would be all that is "needed".But, consider this, a better level of mouthpiece could indeed accomplish one or all of these things: 1.Help the student produce a better sound on their current instrument 2.Make it easier... View More

Help! My child needs an instrument-Quick!

by Kitty
Every year about this time, we are flooded with the same questions: 1. Should I buy? 2. Should I borrow? 3. Should I just get a very cheap new one, since they are just starting out? 4. Hit the yard sales & pawn shops? Answer cheat sheet: 1.NO 2.Hmmmmnnnn? 3.Oh NO! 4.A real nail biter....but, NO! Parents & guardians of the galaxy alike,want to know if their young students will stick with playing... View More


by Kitty
Several times during my work here at Burlington Music & Arts, we field questions concerning paying off a student instrument.The question is always ,"How much do I still owe on my child's instrument?" It has never been , "I am considering whther or not to pay off my child's instrument early, or if there any other options I should consider?" That should be the question, and i will explain why. When you... View More

HELP! My Child Wants to Play Trumpet!

by Clayton
HELP! My Child Wants to Play Trumpet!   Let me start by saying, your child wanting to play a musical instrument is a phenomenal thing! There are a number of reasons why playing an instrument can be beneficial to a child. Now, you hear your child say that they want to play the trumpet because their friends are doing it too. You may say something like, “I played the clarinet years ago; I don’t... View More

Horns of Plenty!!!

Ever wanted to have the opportunity to play test more than 3 types of flutes at once? Are you a french horn player left with only one choice due to lack of a selection? Then come see us on December 3rd, 2016 for the largest horn event in the Carolinas! Horns-of-Plenty only occurs once a year and if you are interested in upgrading your instrument, or simply wish to stop by and marvel at the splendor of 300+... View More