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Help! My child needs an instrument-Quick!


Help! My child needs an instrument-Quick!

by Kitty

Every year about this time, we are flooded with the same questions:

1. Should I buy?

2. Should I borrow?

3. Should I just get a very cheap new one, since they are just starting out?

4. Hit the yard sales & pawn shops?

Answer cheat sheet:

1.NO 2.Hmmmmnnnn? 3.Oh NO! 4.A real nail biter....but, NO!

Parents & guardians of the galaxy alike,want to know if their young students will stick with playing an instrument past a month.During those 1st weeks, it is crucial that the student is starting on an instrument in perfect working condition, so that the instrument is not standing in the way of your child's success.

Something low-cost, without breaking the bank, but easy & low-cost to keep in working order.(Bonus points for acheiving this one!)

Here's why I always recommend renting from us:

  • Low cost initial investment
  • Repair/maintenance plan to keep the instrument running, not you!
  • Easy to return or exchange if your student changes their mind, or is promoted to one of the other 7 choices of instruments offered after 1st 8 months
  • Band director approved instruments in stock, supplied with brands & models that the teachers recommend.Giving your child the best opportunity to sound good from the beginning.
  • We are a national chain with a local presence to help you and your child in time of need, to make sure that you always have access to help when needed.

For any more information to help you make the best decision, please call the instrument helpline at 336-584-3338!