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HELP! My Child Wants to Play Trumpet!


HELP! My Child Wants to Play Trumpet!

by Clayton

HELP! My Child Wants to Play Trumpet!


Let me start by saying, your child wanting to play a musical instrument is a phenomenal thing! There are a number of reasons why playing an instrument can be beneficial to a child. Now, you hear your child say that they want to play the trumpet because their friends are doing it too. You may say something like, “I played the clarinet years ago; I don’t remember that stuff…” or “Isn’t that the long thing with the big ‘ol slide?!” Well, A, good thing for you, you don’t have to remember that stuff, that’s why I’m writing this blog for you. And B, no. That’s… that’s a trombone.


In all seriousness though, picking up an instrument can be a bit frightening but with the help of this guide, your little one will be ready to pick up a trumpet and play the Happy Birthday song to you in no time.


So, you’ve agreed to let your child play the trumpet. Now they’re staring at you like, “What now?!”. Well, the first thing you have to do is get your hands on one of those shiny things. “Where?”, Might you ask? And no, the answer isn’t at your local department store. Don’t even think about it!


Instead, you and your child could click here and just take a look at the different trumpets that stand out to your child. Yeah, I know there’s a lot of them. Don’t panic! Your child is going to be a brand-new trumpeter. Just narrow your search to Student Bb Trumpets. Now you see trumpets that match what you’re looking for.


Alright, so by now your child is just mesmerized by all of the different instruments up there and he/she has finally picked one that’s the perfect fit. Now is the easy part. Just give me a call so I can make sure that specific trumpet is in the store and then the both of you can come in and check it out with me!


You’re in the store now and the trumpet is all pretty, shiny and glowing on your child’s face. I show both of you a few things that it is capable of, play a few tunes for you, and just as I thought, your child is in awe and is screaming, “I want it! I want now!!”.


Now, you’ve purchased the trumpet and are saying, “Sooo… I don’t know how to play this thing. Let alone teach my child how to play it.” Fortunately for you and your child, we have an outstanding Lesson Studio with really great teachers ready to help your child be the best trumpeter and overall musician they can possibly be. You can check them out right here! I can go ahead and get you set up for a FREE meet-and-greet with your child’s lesson teacher. That way you and the child can meet them and go over their goals for learning the trumpet and then you’ll finally have that peace of mind back that you’ve been waiting for. Then, the rest is history!

That wasn’t so bad, now was it? Now your child is walking out of the door as happy as can be with a brand new trumpet. Yeah, I heard that sigh of relief. It’s not quite over, though. It’s only a matter of time before they come back to you saying they want a step-up trumpet. No worries! When that time comes, come see me again. I’ll help you out!




Clayton M. Griffin Jr.

Senior Sales Associate

Music & Arts Center

Burlington, N.C.