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Several times during my work here at Burlington Music & Arts, we field questions concerning paying off a student instrument.The question is always ,"How much do I still owe on my child's instrument?" It has never been , "I am considering whther or not to pay off my child's instrument early, or if there any other options I should consider?" That should be the question, and i will explain why.

When you 1st begin renting an instrument for your student, the reasons were:

1. to make sure see if your child will stick with band                                                                                                       2.to make sure the initial instrument choice will be a successful match, or will your child choose a diffeent kind of instrument, when allowed,...exmple: clarinet up to alto sax.                                                                                          3.To take advantage of a rental maintenance plan.                                                                                                            

Here is another strong point to consider, BEFORE paying off your child's instrument:an upgrade, or the next step up, from your child's sutudent or beginning instrument!

An upgrade or a step-up instrument will give your advancing student a few key options that are not necessarily needed or used by your 1st year student.However some students could indeed be ready during the 1st year. Those different features vary per instrument, but can be significant. We like to explore different options with you and your student on an individual basis, to get the best fit for your child's instrument.We make appointments for this service. Call me at 336-584-3338 for an appointment for you and your child to explore options and have your child try some different instruments. Be sure to bring their current instrument, since that will be crucial for you to hear a comparison.In many cases it will be significant.We do have a very special event for you this month and next. If you are not a current rental customer, you can take adbantage of the special discounts offered during this special horn upgrade.