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New & Improved Mouthpiece, Anyone?


New & Improved Mouthpiece, Anyone?

by Kitty

About once a week, we get a request by the parent of a 1st year band member, to replace or fix the child's mouthpiece.Many times, a replacement, just the same level, or price as the original, would be all that is "needed".But, consider this, a better level of mouthpiece could indeed accomplish one or all of these things:

1.Help the student produce a better sound on their current instrument

2.Make it easier to play certain high or low notes, previously unobtinable without much strain.

3.Improve intonation or overall ability to play better in tune with the rest of the ensemble.

There are no miracle cures, yet certain accessories, like a mouthpiece upgrade, could make all the differencein the world!     To a beginning or intermediate player, the cost could be a a small percentage of a new horn.Maybe a step-up instrument is what is really needed, but a mouthpiece upgrade might just be a terrific solution to encourage a student's improvement more quickly. Helping the player speed along to more of the stress-relieving parts of playing an instrument, rather than the frustration. We do offer mouthpiece fittings by appointment, at our store in Burlington. Just give us a call at 336-584-3338, and we will schedule the appointment with one of our qualified experts.