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Holidays Around the Corner!


Holidays Around the Corner!

by Joshua

It's that time of year! Our children have returned to school, settled in, and are already excited for a holiday break! We know that it can be tough to shop for your musical child, so we pride ourselves on being experts on the products we sell and services we offer. Keep an eye on your email and home mail box for a copy of our Holiday Gift Guide, and be sur eto pick up one of our Black Friday promotional flyers in store.  Allow us to be your personal shopping assistants! We can guide you through purchasing the must have accesories and instruments to help your child grow, as well as the selection of fun gifts we carry in store!


Keep in mind if you're shopping for an instrument for your child that the best way to gurantee a return on your investment this holiday season is to give the gift of lessons! Music and Arts is the nations largest lesson provider, and we have a whole stable of professional teachers here at our Hagerstown location who can help guide your child on their musical journey. No more will your guitar or keyboard collect dust beneath your childs bed after Xmas morning! Be sure to ask about our Pointers for Players event happening after the conclusion of this coming holiday season.

We're so looking forward to seeing you all!