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The Dangers of Dry Weather


The Dangers of Dry Weather

by Ross

As many musicians know, humidity levels greatly impact the performance of wooden instruments. With winter now in full swing and the air getting more dry by the day, it's vital to keep your wooden instruments inside their cases. There are also a few products on the market that can help you go above and beyond to combat the warp on your favorite guitar or violin. The D'Addario Humidipak is what I personally use on my guitars at home. A simple gel pack that rests inside your guitar or case while you're not playing will help keep humiduty levels up. Musicnomad also offers The Humitar, a sponge system that requires you to keep it damp but will also help you protect against the adverse effects of dry weather. For our orchestral friends, the Dampit is a great sponge system that feeds right into your f hole and will keep your instrument protected all year round. If you find that your guitars neck is looking like a ski slope or your frets are sharp and sticking out from your fretboard, there's a very good chance your guitar has not been correctly humidified. Bring it on down to your local Music & Arts and we can help you out here in the store or we can send it to our luthier for more difficult fixes.