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<3 Josh Our Talented Piano Teacher <3


<3 Josh Our Talented Piano Teacher <3

by Tiffany

*Keep My Heart Will Go On sung by Celine Dion in your head whilst you read*


It brings me great pain to deliver the message that our very own piano teacher Josh Zimmerman will be leaving Music & Arts.  He is far too talented to be here as he was picked up by a Broadway producer. Our very own Josh is going far away to the distant lands of New York City to music direct the first national tour of The School of Rock.  I think I can speak for everyone saying the Josh is one of the most talented humans on this planet. We are sad. We are sad. I am sad. BUT I am also the happiest human in the entire world.  Josh is one of the most deserving people for this music director position.  He has inspired so many children at our store and we hope he only continues to that number.  We don’t have an exact date but we know it’ll be sometime in August.