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    • Jose
    • Senior Sales Associate - Katy
    • Hi! Music has always been a passion in my life. Majoring in Music Education at the University of Houston Moores School of Music. Mainly play Clarinet, but also know Saxophone, Piano, and other WoodWind Instruments. Excited to help anybody that walks in...
    • Miriam
    • Senior Sales Associate - Katy
    • My love for music goes back to watching my Great Grandpa in the nursing home. He used to play piano and guitar for his fellow mates to entertain them in the evenings. Upon his passing he left me my first guitar. I later went on to play clarinet in my...
    • Nick
    • Retail Manager - N - Katy
    • Nick is a Houston native that started on his musical journey in junior high when he began playing the trumpet in his school`s band program in Katy ISD. He continued playing and performing with his trumpet into high school and college at Sam Houston State...
    • Shane
    • Senior Sales Associate - Katy
    • My name is Shane and music is a huge part of my life. I've been playing guitar for 5 years and saxophone for 5 years as well. Working in music couldn't be any better and it drives me to do my best everyday!
    • Valeria
    • Senior Sales Associate - Katy
    • Valeria is a Pianist and studies with Ivanna Willumson, one the the top piano teachers in the Houston area. She is fluent in Spanish and very happy to help you with your music or lessons needs!
    • Zane
    • Senior Sales Associate - Katy
    • Zane began playing trombone at the age of ten, and has been playing music in one way or another ever since. After attending music school at Sam Houston State, he picked up keyboard and plays synthesizer and keys in a local Houston band.