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Are you ready to upgrade?


Are you ready to upgrade?

by Charles

With Spring right around the corner, we are all anxiously awaiting warmer weather, the end of the school year, and most importantly.....those final Spring band concerts! As excited as we are to see the flowers blossom again, we are dually excited to prepare for our semi-annual Upgrade Your Sound event, featuring our Horns of Plenty showcase coming up on April 25th!  This event is timed perfectly to get you or your musical son or daughter into an upgraded instrument with plenty of time to spare before their final concerts.  Whether you are an experienced musician or you are preparing for a middle school, high school, or university level band, Horns of Plenty is an event that will re-energize your musical dreams. Featuring hundreds of band instruments with brands internationally recommended by teachers for their quality, professionals and vendor personnel at every turn ready to answer any questions and offer personal advice, and prices far too low to advertise, Horns of Plenty is our favorite part of the year. With the crowds we are expecting this year, we are making appointments to ensure we will have a consultant available when you arrive! Please call us here at the Rockville store at (301) 881-6440 or email us to ask us any questions, make an appointment, or to request specific models or instruments!