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Geting started with music? Rent with us!


Geting started with music? Rent with us!



Back to school means band and orchestra classes are starting up again and that many students will be trying out their first musical instruments. Most music directors recommend renting an instrument as the best way to get started with instrumental music. Music & Arts works closely with our local music educators to provide the best rental options for our customers. The Music & Arts rental program offers many benefits to new and returning players:


-  Allows players to start with a quality, name brand instrument which will make learning a new instrument easier and less frustrating

-  Gives return and exchange options, in case the player changes their mind

-  Grants access to our world-class repair shop

-  Is rent-to-own, meaning rental payments apply towards ownership of an instrument 


Music & Arts offers multiple flexible rental plans for begnnners. For returning players, we also rent certain intermediate to professional instruments, allowing students the chance to try out an instrument that is more appropriate for their skill level. All of our rentals are eligible for our repair and maintenance program (LDW), allowing you to bring in the instrument for it's routine maintenance or to repair accidental damage at no extra charge, and you can even borrow a free loaner while it's in the shop. We also have all the supplies, books, and instrument brands that the teachers in Montgomery County and beyond recommend.


To rent an instrument with us, come by the store or order online!