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Some really cool instruments are headed to Rockville!


Some really cool instruments are headed to Rockville!

We just got word that the Rockville Music & Arts location is about to get a bunch of really nice instruments and other product arriving at the store in the next week or two. Some examples include a curved Yanagisawa soprano saxophone, a Jupiter XO bass trombone, a Yamaha compensating euphonium, and some high level Yamaha flutes among other things. If you or someone you know is a winds player who has been playing for a while and looking to try out some higher level instruments, let us know and we'll let you know when everything comes in so you can take a look.


If you are looking for an instrument that we don't have in stock right now, our Maryland Horns of Plenty showcase on April 28th might be the event for you! We will have somewhere between 5-600 instruments, plus some special event only deals and discounts. The vendors also send reps who are experts on their products if you have any questions about their instruments or are looking for advice. If you'd like to register for the event you can either give us a call at the store or RSVP online at Hope to see you there!